Bijon Choudhury

Born: 1936

Education/Training: Studied at GCAC, Kolkata. Transferred and graduated from Govt. Institutes of Arts, Dhaka.

Exhibitions: Solo exhibitions in Kolkata, Mumbai, Patna, New Delhi, Stockholm, Paris, London, Munich, and Dubai. Received the William Carey Award.


He has worked on the imagery of Bengali poetry as it has evolved since its earliest days to the present, covering almost more than four centuries of poetical development. His paintings have narrative elements but are in no way illustrative. He is both a composer and interpreter. His archetypal imagery and symbolism are not explicit as in the recent Indian variety of surrealism and fantastic art. He has always avoided the sensational and fearful aspects of art. He has searched for significant visual forms that have behind them the range and scope of human arts since the earliest cave dwelling days.

Paintings of Bijon Choudhury

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